School Houses

At Civitas Academy, the children are put into one of four houses. These are:


Atmos means air in Latin. Eagles are known to fly higher than any other bird, thus some saying it is the greatest bird in the world. It symbolizes courage, honesty and freedom.








Aqua means water in Latin. Whales are at the top of the food chain and they capture a great deal of carbon therefore helping to fight climate change. Whales symbolize communication, wisdom and magnificence. 







Terra means land in Latin. The lion is commonly known as the 'King of the beasts'. Lions represent strength, courage and justice.








Ignis means fire in Latin. Dragons are in a lot of myths and legends. The story of St George and the Dragon has similarities to the story in Poland about the Wawel Dragon. Dragons symbolize wisdom, strength and hidden knowledge.






The children are given house points when they display the 'Best Version of a Civitas Child' which means they are Ready, Respectful and Safe.

The house captains collect up the house points and we share who the winners are in assembly and in the weekly bulletin.

During PE, Sports day and Inter-school competitions the children can also gain house points and compete against the teams.